Building Season 2018

Both the STEMineers and the Cowpunchers have worked hard over the last six weeks to build a fully functioning robot! They have spent countless hours working hard, coming in to work on snow days, weekends, and school nights. Both teams have learned a lot from the obstacles they have faced and they continue to learn something new every day. They have come to understand how to efficiently problem solve and work as a team to get the job done. There were even dedicated members of the team who worked for twelve hours one Saturday and all the way until midnight on the final day of building. 

Of course none of this would have been possible without the generosity and patience of their mentors who have given up their time to help the team. Whether it be assisting in the development stages, staying late to finish a part, or providing advice and encouragement they are always there supporting both teams. The mentors included various engineers, teachers, and parents and their help does not go unappreciated! 

Now that building season has come to an end, both teams are strategizing as to how to approach the competition. Everyone is looking forward to seeing the robot in action at the end of March. Their first competition is the weekend of March 23 at Grand Valley State University and the second competition is the following weekend at Kentwood High School. They would appreciate your support.