Kickoff 2018

Members of both the Cowpunchers and STEMineers gathered for Kickoff 2018. Everyone was excited to see what the new game would be and how they would handle the challenge. There were lots of new faces, but everyone was exciting to learn new things. The day started off with a brain storming season for both teams. Each member was able to share how they felt the challenge should be handled. Everyone worked together to determine what the best plan was. Once the kit arrived, the teams broke off into stations to build the base of the robot. For the STEMineers, they had members worked on assembling the tires, chassis, gear boxes, and a group wiring the robot. By the end of the day, both teams had completed the base of their robot and were ready to start creating a robot to fit the 2018 game. A special thanks to our mentors for working with both teams all day!