New Season

As the new season approaches, the students on the FIRST robotics team are working hard to make sure we have everything ready for the starting date in January. There are several new projects we will be working on over the course of 3 months. One of which is figuring out how to use our new mecanum wheels to our advantage. To brainstorm ideas, we had the first-year members use the whiteboards to come up with any ideas they have to attach the mecanum wheels to our current robot. (Pictures below).

    Another one of our projects to promote our team, not just around our school, but in the community as well. We are working with the Graphic Design students to create a new logo. This logo will be produced into promotional materials that will be posted around the school and the community. Another one of our promotional projects is we have created a Twitter (@coopsrobotics) and an Instagram (@coopersvillerobotics). Make sure you go and follow our accounts to get the updates on what we are doing during the season! The last thing we are working on is re-designing our booth at competitions. We have acquired severals tvs that we will set-up to play a slideshow of pictures and videos that have been collected through the season. The tvs will show everyone at the competitions exactly what we have been doing throughout our season.