Building Season 2018

Both the STEMineers and the Cowpunchers have worked hard over the last six weeks to build a fully functioning robot! They have spent countless hours working hard, coming in to work on snow days, weekends, and school nights. Both teams have learned a lot from the obstacles they have faced and they continue to learn something new every day. They have come to understand how to efficiently problem solve and work as a team to get the job done. There were even dedicated members of the team who worked for twelve hours one Saturday and all the way until midnight on the final day of building. 

Of course none of this would have been possible without the generosity and patience of their mentors who have given up their time to help the team. Whether it be assisting in the development stages, staying late to finish a part, or providing advice and encouragement they are always there supporting both teams. The mentors included various engineers, teachers, and parents and their help does not go unappreciated! 

Now that building season has come to an end, both teams are strategizing as to how to approach the competition. Everyone is looking forward to seeing the robot in action at the end of March. Their first competition is the weekend of March 23 at Grand Valley State University and the second competition is the following weekend at Kentwood High School. They would appreciate your support. 

Kickoff 2018

Members of both the Cowpunchers and STEMineers gathered for Kickoff 2018. Everyone was excited to see what the new game would be and how they would handle the challenge. There were lots of new faces, but everyone was exciting to learn new things. The day started off with a brain storming season for both teams. Each member was able to share how they felt the challenge should be handled. Everyone worked together to determine what the best plan was. Once the kit arrived, the teams broke off into stations to build the base of the robot. For the STEMineers, they had members worked on assembling the tires, chassis, gear boxes, and a group wiring the robot. By the end of the day, both teams had completed the base of their robot and were ready to start creating a robot to fit the 2018 game. A special thanks to our mentors for working with both teams all day!


A New Year Full Of Promise and Possibility

This summer was a new experience for the science club. For the first time ever we had summer science activities. It was great to see kids come out during the summer to engage their minds in some fun science activities! Their creativity and enthusiasm was inspiring for everyone who was there. We are looking forward to bringing that positivity into another school year full of great activities.

Here are just a few of the great things we have going on already:

CNC Router

Dagan Kuhn sitting next to the completed X-Carve.

Dagan Kuhn sitting next to the completed X-Carve.

Dagan Kuhn finished the X-carve CNC router that he started last year! It is up and running smoothly. It is capable of cutting 30x30x3 inch materials. It will allow us to fabricate part out of materials including plastics, woods, and metals up to the hardness of copper. The only struggle we have right now is finding space to house the router.

Geek Group Membership

The Geek Group is a massive maker space in Grand Rapids. It is located in the former YMCA building on Leonard. They have an amazing set of resources for their members. These resources include a high voltage lab, 3D printing lab, wood shop, automotive garage, robotics lab, drone lab, computer lab, and so much more. We attended a tour that is offered every Saturday at 12:30 and were amazed by the size of the facility and all it has to offer. I would highly recommend going on the tour yourself. It is well worth a visit. After the tour we talked with the CEO Chris Boden and he said that we could work on getting a group membership for the science club! We are currently working with them to work out the details.

Coopersville Women Who Care

Some of our high school and middle school members accepting the donation from Coopersville Women Who Care!

Some of our high school and middle school members accepting the donation from Coopersville Women Who Care!

The Coopersville Women Who Care is a charitable group who meets quarterly to talk about and donate to causes in our area. The Coopersville Science Club is honored to receive a $1600 donation to support our students. The money will be added to the CAPS Science Fund and be matched by a generous donor. That means that it will provide $3200 that will allow our students to participate in dissections, engineering projects, skills workshops, and so much more.

Middle School Robotics (CMS Hardwired)

Our Middle School Robotics Team is working on this years challenge, Velocity Vortex. The students are working on designing and coding the robot. This years team is even bigger than last year and they are showing a lot of promise! We are attempting to support them with the equipment they need to succeed. This includes purchasing four new laptops to allow them to work to their highest potential. Watch the video below to see this years challenge!

Thank You

We would all like to thank the Coopersville Community for your support and encouragement. The students see and appreciate what a great culture you help to create!

Improvements to the Robot

This past science club, the robotics team worked on ways to help better improve our robot to make the upcoming season run smoother. Half of the group went down to the metals room to explore new ways to build the chassis (Picture below). The other half of the group helped clean out the robotics room to make more room for everyone and our robot. 

Community Support

On Friday the 13th, the FIRST Robotics team had a presentation for a possible donor. This presentation included the future goals of the team, as well as what they learned last season. They also talked about how the team is trying to encourage more people to join the team in the hopes of building up the team for the future.


New Season

As the new season approaches, the students on the FIRST robotics team are working hard to make sure we have everything ready for the starting date in January. There are several new projects we will be working on over the course of 3 months. One of which is figuring out how to use our new mecanum wheels to our advantage. To brainstorm ideas, we had the first-year members use the whiteboards to come up with any ideas they have to attach the mecanum wheels to our current robot. (Pictures below).

    Another one of our projects to promote our team, not just around our school, but in the community as well. We are working with the Graphic Design students to create a new logo. This logo will be produced into promotional materials that will be posted around the school and the community. Another one of our promotional projects is we have created a Twitter (@coopsrobotics) and an Instagram (@coopersvillerobotics). Make sure you go and follow our accounts to get the updates on what we are doing during the season! The last thing we are working on is re-designing our booth at competitions. We have acquired severals tvs that we will set-up to play a slideshow of pictures and videos that have been collected through the season. The tvs will show everyone at the competitions exactly what we have been doing throughout our season.


Some End Of The Year Fun With Chemistry

This is a short video of some of our Chem 2 students filling eggs with hydrogen and then making them explode! We did this because we had some expired eggs in the fridge and because it is fun.

We Are Going to Experiment a Little Bit!!

On Thursday our middle school students will be experimenting with LittleBits electronics kits. They are modules that click together with magnets to make circuits! I can't wait to see what our students can create with such a powerful tool. Watch the video below to learn more about them. We look forward to seeing you there!

2nd Competition

Our second competition was at GVSU. We placed 17th out of 40 teams, but we did win the highest seeded rookie award! Our videos for this competition are below.

This award is given to the rookie team that ranked highest after the qualification matches.

This award is given to the rookie team that ranked highest after the qualification matches.

First Competition Ever!

Here all of the video of our first First competition ever at East Kentwood. We placed 8th after qualification matches and were the leaders of the 5th place alliance. Not a bad start to the program!