Middle School Science Club!

Introducing the new and improved middle school science club!

The middle school science club has expanded and improved this year! We are shifting toward some longer term projects like underwater vehicles, RC cars, and FTC robotics. We are able to meet much more often and give the students a more interesting experience because of several staff members who have volunteers to help out after school.

Alanna Gerber is a middle school teacher who will be helping to facilitate the biweekly science club meetings. Her dedication to our students and excitement for science are easy to see as she recruits students to come to the club and helps us facilitate with each project.

Kelly Post, Jim Hunter, and Pete Twork are all middle school teachers who are helping us to get our rookie robotics team ready for their first competition. Each of them is another reminder of our great CAPS staff and their dedication to our students. Click the link below to see the latest science club news including the MS Robotics team!

Watch the video below to see all the cool new projects our students will be working on!