Coopersville Robotics Teams

Team 5470 was started in 2014. Our first three seasons have been very successful. We have learned some valuable lessons from our first two seasons and are hoping to capitalize on those lessons to make it to the state competition in our fourth season! Team 6428 was started in 2016 as an all female robotics team. It has continued to grow and the team works to expand their skills and knowledge to improve in the 2018 season! You can keep track of our progress in the blog below.

Our FIRST Robotics team would like to thank all of the people and businesses who have been so generous in supporting our team in their first several years. Each of the business' below have supported us with funding, expertise, or both. Their generosity has helped us to begin building a program that will last and affect students for years to come!

2018 first robotics kickoff

Both teams are excited for the 2018 season. They have been working hard to build their robots! Attached is the link to the video with the challenge for this year's game! Enjoy!  

Our Competitions are in March. Come and support us!

Resources for FRC

(General) JAVA Programming Tutorials